Recipe: Appetizing Prawns Har gow

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Hey everyone, welcome to my recipe page, If you’re looking for recipes idea to cook today, look no further! We provide you only the best Prawns Har gow recipe here. We also have wide variety of recipes to try.

Prawns Har gow

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We hope you got benefit from reading it, now let’s go back to prawns har gow recipe. You can cook prawns har gow using 18 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you cook that.

The ingredients needed to make Prawns Har gow:

  1. Get of Shrimp Filling.
  2. Get 500 grams of raw prawns.
  3. Prepare 50 grams of bamboo shoot (rinse thoroughly and squeeze out excess water, finely chopped).
  4. Take 50 grams of pork fat (optional; mince finely into paste).
  5. You need 2 teaspoons of oyster sauce.
  6. You need 1 tsp of soysauce.
  7. Use 1/4 teaspoon of ground white pepper.
  8. Take 1 teaspoon of granulated white sugar.
  9. You need 2-3 teaspoons of sesame oil.
  10. Get 1-2 tablespoon of Shaoxing wine.
  11. Provide 1/2 tablespoon of corn starch.
  12. Take of Dough.
  13. Use of You can buy ready make har gow wrapper in some big asian grocery shop but here is ingredients for you.
  14. Take 1 cup of rice flour.
  15. Prepare 1/4 of corn flour or tapioca starch.
  16. Get 1/4 teaspoon of salt.
  17. Use 1/4 teaspoon of vegetable oil.
  18. Get 160 grams of boiling water (240 mL or about 2/3 cups).

Steps to make Prawns Har gow:

  1. Cut raw prawns in half vertical way and take the black bit off. Bash it and coarsely chop them..
  2. Coarsely chop some bamboo shoots and transfer both to a medium-sized bowl. Add finder chopped pork fat. Season with oyster sauce, soy sauce, sugar, white pepper, sesame oil, Shaoxing cooking wine and corn starch..
  3. To make the dumplings, apply oil to the back side of a knife. Use the backside of that knife to flatten the dough into a circle, with one side slightly thicker than the other. The thicker side will be the base of the filling. The other side will be the delicate pleated folds..
  4. If you are making dough from scratch; Here is the method how to make Har gow dough. In a bowl of a stand mixer, mix together plain flour, tapioca starch and salt. Then add boiling water a little at a time and knead until the dough comes together. Add oil until you get a soft ball that pulls cleanly away from the sides of the mixing bowl..
  5. Roll the dough into a thin log and cut out pieces of 10-12 g each. Keep the dough covered at all times to prevent drying..
  6. Here is the store bought one you can use but if you use store bought one you need some water to bind the both sides dough together. Place filling off-centre on the thicker base..
  7. Fold the thinner side of the wrapper over and pinch it to make pleats from one end with your fingers then use your thumb and index finger, start making a pleat. As you fold each pleat, press the folded pleat tightly against the back part of wrapper using your other thumb and index finger..
  8. Traditionally they make 13 (for lucky number) in the Chinese restaurant and I managed to do about 10..
  9. Oil the base of the bamboo steamer to prevent dumplings from sticking. You can also place each dumpling on a small piece of wax paper. Steam for 6 minutes over high heat. Serve immediately with a soy or chili sauce..

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