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I guess what I have in mind is just a conversation to 1) get to know each other (us radicals gotta stick together) and 2) maybe brainstorm some ideas about what we can do to keep the NPIC from taking over our movements.

Mostly though, I'm just into networking with the like-minded folks. That's always worthwhile, in my experience.

@Lilrednacho All I know is I’ve worked for non-profits and for-profits and non-profits are more vicious.

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At GEO (geo.coop), we've been critiquing the NPIC in the worker co-op movement for quite awhile now. We've run articles and conference seminars on it. It was a big topic of conversation at our recent retreat.

If either or you want to talk strategy/tactics for ways to deal with/push back on the NPIC, just let me know. We love connecting with like-minded people and orgs.

Here are some of my personal thoughts: geo.coop/blog/critical-look-ev


@Lilrednacho But it's not-profit and therefore MUST be anti-capitalist and good, right?... RIGHT??!??!

(In the corner, snickering can be heard from a non-profit org set up to market "awareness" for a disease, whose symptoms are hidden but not treated by their parent for-profit drug company)

@Lilrednacho viciously real. most exploitative places I've ever worked were "progressive" non-profits. they just chewed people up and then threw them out to make room for the next.

From what I've seen it takes incredible privilege to see achieving a cause as requiring disposable underlings and I hate it hate it hate it

In fact I would encourage you to write to socialist worker with your own experiences from the lens of someone in the indigenous liberation struggle

But yes, non-profits are plagued with a liberal ideology of "saving" people in a way that ties grant money into charity work that white folks take on instead of creating solidarity that raises communities through their own self-liberation

In the international Socialist Org we frequently talk about the non profit industrial complex.

We've got articles on socialist worker about it: socialistworker.org/2018/10/11

We also had a talk about it at our yearly Socialism conference: wearemany.org/a/2018/07/not-fo

@Lilrednacho "Revolution Will Not Be Funded" is finally back in print.

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But at the same time these same folks are willing to scapegoat EC NTVs for "selling out" or whatever projections you wanna come up with, while erasing us ON OUR OWN LANDS

But see this is why I cant stand ppl on birbsite anymore bc yall are willing to trade the integrity of our movements for visibility and well...the NN gaze basically.

Yall were never about liberation. Just your own personal self preservation and brand.

Not to mention literally all the voyeuristic shit he did and continues to profit from when it comes to SR.

But ok.

While we're on the topic of oppurtunists -- Chase over here being centered and endlessly interviewed about Nate when this mofo was leading a faux sweat at goddamn Burning Man

(yall were fairly quiet then too)

> Thanks for using Cisco Webex.

Well, you are certainly welcome, nice computer phone lady.

It's my birthday can I get more people to use Mastodon or whatever

I wish people would talk more about the non profit industrial complex because it is impeding Indigenous resistance and liberation.

Black and Brown people are always deeply aware that we have to at least once or twice in our lifetime use our bodies as tools for political gain. Not for ourselves as individuals but for the greater good of people that look like us. White trans people are increasingly becoming aware of this concept, which is comforting. There isn’t any escape from my body being a political tool. Even if I don’t want it to be, my death would be inherently political. But I don’t really have a choice. White (cis) people do have a choice and need to realize their body symbolizes a lot more than they think when it stands by everyone else’s side.

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