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fundraising, legal expenses, housing (boost with CW) 

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I previously lived in Maryland. I can say since living in At Paul mn ice experienced a new level of Jim crow type racism, and specific hatred tied to being Dakota due to intergenerational hatred that Minnesota residents continue to pass on as they occupy my homelands.

Unfortunately im expecting it to be more hardship. But my first step to any sort of security for me and my SO is to get this debt paid off. He still has multiple surgeries he has to undertake which have been put on hold because we want to ensure we will have accessible housing. Right now we re not guaranteed any housing. So that's where we re at. Perpetually in limbo and criminalized just for existing.

So now I work Monday to Friday and I still have to take on all these dutiesdue to larpenteur ave apartments displacing me and disposessong me of all my capital and belongings. I've been homeless since march and I really want a stable living situation when my kids return from visiting family in August.

I met my SO at a culture gathering and the following year (2017) I decided to move here to Minnesota to rebuild that connection to my homelands and my Tribal community. I've been in survival mode since I've moved here in 2017 hit with one bill after the next. Raising thousands and yet still criminalized. I even joined a county program to work full time. I have yet to receive any $ or help finding housing though.

My SO said this is the states way of shaming me and saying I need to "do the time" by making me suffer being homeless and unable to get housing and I agree. To be honest I've felt like all of this has been an attempt to chase me out my homelands. Like what happened to my ancestors in 1862 after the Dakota wars and Dakota 38

A month before our lease was supposed to end and i couldn't appear in court because they gave us such short notice we already had family obligations to attend ceremony.And so now because of that im dealing with A lot of barriers in getting this eviction taken off my record. Its been impossible to find housing with that on my record so I have to get this debt paid off. And I was told even if i raise the money the lawyer of the property corporation can still block my ability to esponge

This was what set us back financially where my SO had to apply for financial assistance. His case was closed w/o notification so although i paid my portion of rent I had no idea anything was owed since larpenteur is owned by a corporation their mailbox is always full there's zero communication betwn apt & tenants )

( in February the larpenteur ave mn apartment decided to "do renovations we moved our vehicle where told"a part was stolen off our car. This was what set us back financially where my SO had to apply for financial assistance.

For those who may be new to our plight, I moved here in 2017 and immediately had to raise thousands to ward off eviction while also paying off medical cost, (my SO had to get surgery to get home cut from his foot) so I took over. Ofc they weren't trying to work with me but I raised money so quickly. They then insisted i get on the lease to be able to receive my mail and make online payments. Only a couple months later they dropped another eviction.

So I just spoke with a lawyer about getting the eviction taken off my record and the first step will be paying back what I owe to the landlord and state which right now is $1,0500. I have until July 9th to get that paid off and get it esponged asap. If any one is looking to help a homeless Native mother (of twins)on my homelands, as well as my SO who is also Native and disabled with neuropathy and diabetes. paypal.me/xodanix3

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honestly i think a lot of the very dumb takes on mastodon come from the fact that it's been advertised to people as "nazi-free twitter" for so long, which is both a reductive view of what the fediverse is and not even necessarily true. the appeal of it is that you can carve out your own space on the internet.
there is nothing uniquely nazi-free about the fediverse, there's really nothing you can do in code to stop fascism. it's just a much better model than corporate social media.

In which i discuss relevant topics such as: the cancelling ofNetflix series Chambers, the capitalist history of Nike, the recent controversy with N7 as well as global Indigenous resistance against cultural appropriation and corporate violations of "intellectual property rights".

Check out my latest on Patreon:
"Selling Out" and Politics of Recognition: t.co/TrYky14mxV

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@AgentNDN They admit to "going hard" on you and getting you suspended. They got me a 12 hour suspension...after I blocked them. Hey, bitches, I got TWELVE HOURS, I'm reporting their DAYS of harassing Natives...which Twitter will do NOTHING about.

I dislike my chub by my entire tummy is covered in stretch marks after having twins and I'm like wow that's pretty metal. \m/

Getting more stretch marks on my muffin top love handles 😂

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We have fallen into a clever trap of capital, doing everything in our power to render politics aesthetic, when substantive change only emerges from the exact opposite.

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