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"If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite" -William Blake

Rapidly looking faith in many things I thought I knew

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Plants for seed-balls in upper Midwest:

*Little & Big Bluestem
*Prairie Cordgrass
*Purple Prairie Clover
*Coneflowers & Black Eyed-Susans
*Cup plant, Compass plant, and Prairie Dock (Sylphiums)
*Native Vetch spp.
*Cattails, sedges, reeds

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looking for comrades in the midwest to join in a seed-ball and acorn planting campaign. more folks = more seeds planted = more carbon captured

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summer wardrobe: looking like a snack

winter wardrobe: looking like a marshmallow

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mastodon culture is adding image description to the shitty memes you use to dunk on cis people so that laughing at these assholes is accessible to everyone

I prefer "accomplice" to "ally" but I won't label u an accomplice until I know u been in the trenches.

I actually had a good thing happen with a white ally today.

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My pear plants are growing so quickly! It's only been a couple days and they're already peeking above the soil!

*Too tired to go out because constantly being triggered and stressed while also being actually physically tired*

Also me:
*Hates self for never getting out and doing things*

I hate that my exhaustion is hindering me from doing things I would normally enjoy

*Listening to the background music of the sonic the hedgehog show my kids are watching* "that music would be funny to make a beat out of"

I miss nature. But I do love trying new things and learning more skills to be self sufficient.

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Welcome #indigedon!