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So it looks like all I need to do is find some affordable housing now to get some assistance. Feels better to finally be in the system. If it weren't for the fact my landlord evicted us on April I would be in the exact same situation, working and they would have helped with rent. I am hoping for somewhere much much better though.

Just been going over my goals and my desire for consistency and mental health

My anxiety makes me so critical of myself and everything.

I'm just so fed up with being in the same cycles....

What happens when u keep getting triggered without any sense of relief. Eventually it comes out.

Totally had a breakdown after work and now that I've calmed down feeling all embarrassed about it. Smh oh well

More and more I'm finding that my measures to be better and achieve goals are being sabotaged by others. But I can't complain I just need to find ways around it.

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What if you're spending all this time being sad because you've been told you need to do something with your life, but you've been giving the wrong measuring instruments?
What if the "you're capable of so much more" is solely someone else's distorted view of you?

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y’all don’t care about victims/survivors if you only care about Perfect Victims :yell:

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i’m probably just gonna... boost this daily tbh.

survivors aren’t always going to be kind and considerate or Pure and sweet or even non-toxic.

we pick up bad behaviors in order to survive sometimes.

sometimes we are angry and harsh and overwhelmed.

stop dismissing us just because you don’t like us.

Your memes are not resistance when you're not compensating vulnerable individuals with $ for the content stealing. That's the entire irony of folks performing "resistance"

Getting real tired of these platform economies

Then saw another Native page yesterday sharing another one of my mutuald's tweets but cut their handle off.

The irony of this "end colonial mentality" meme page sharing one of my mutual's analysis without compensation or consent on FB

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